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FCG Associates LLC (FCGA) places our focus and talents on our core competency: Property-related investigations. While there are many firms that promote a wide variety of service offerings and can provide consultants for any type of insurance claim or engineering assignment, our belief is to stick to what we do best and try to specialize on the property sector of our industry. Our staff consists of talented Civil/Structural Engineers and former Claims Managers who have spent their careers in claims offices or on constructions sites, building and designing homes and a variety of commercial structures ranging from high-rise condominiums to shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and churches. In addition to the more traditional residential and commercial structures, our team has designed and built bridges, retaining walls, sea walls/docks, manufacturing plants, municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, public recreational facilities, and power plants.

More importantly, our staff has spent years in a forensic capacity investigating how, when, and why certain damages occurred to residential and commercial properties. By staying within our realm of expertise, our team has been able to truly specialize in a specific discipline. Having gone through numerous Catastrophe events over the last decade, our team has learned through each experience how to best handle highly stressful situations and still meet client deadlines with quality reporting. Our litigation support has also gained FCGA a reputation for being able to defend our conclusions and reporting under intense scrutiny.

All engineering services offered/performed in North Carolina are done by our associated company FCG Associates of North Carolina PLLC.