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Catastrophe Team

The FCG Associates LLC (FCGA) team has been involved with Catastrophe Response for the last 19 years having responded to a variety of hurricanes, tornados, hail storms, ice storms, flooding, and seismic events throughout the United States. We understand the heightened sense of urgency to get these types of claims resolved in a timely fashion and to get people back in business or back into their homes. We also understand the potential for litigation, which is why we only use licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.s) on projects and provide accurate and factual reports that are easy to read, understandable, and defendable. FCGA also demands a high standard of ethics throughout our company and amongst all of our staff, not just our Professional Engineers. In addition to our utilization of licensed P.E.s, FCGA also maintains the proper business and engineering company licenses for the states in which we operate and do business.

FCGA’s National CAT Team not only provides a dedicated single point of contact for quick resolution and streamlined communication, but we also provide a field manager in the storm zone for better oversight and additional local communication. In addition, dedicated email buckets can be set up for clients on major events such that our triage process is streamlined and the intake process can be customized to a client’s specific needs with monitoring in place 7 days a week and after hours.

Some of our CAT services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hurricane Damage Assessments
  • Structural Damage Evaluations
  • Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Hail Damage Evaluations
  • Wind vs. Surge Determinations
  • Seismic Investigations
  • Flood Damage Assessments
  • Ice/Snow Load Investigations

Contact: (888) 303-2012 or (704) 705-2012
Email: projects@fcgassociates.com

All engineering services offered/performed in North Carolina are done by our associated company FCG Associates of North Carolina PLLC.